G3-PLC alliance member Neuron introduces nBox-Tool RF extension for G3-PLC Hybrid PLC&RF eco-system

Paris, France, June 21st, 2021. The G3-ALLIANCE Alliance, the world’s leading industry alliance for powerline communication in smart grid applications, is glad to announce the availability of a protocol analysis tool for the G3-ALLIANCE Hybrid PLC&RF technology. This further grows the eco-system of available G3-ALLIANCE Hybrid platforms and tools! Neuron, an established supplier of analysis devices and development framework for G3-ALLIANCE technology variant, has extended their product offering to cover the new RF variant, making it the first Hybrid PLC&RF protocol analysis tool.

The RF protocol analyzer is released as an add-on extension to the main nBox-Tool (URL reference: https://neuron.swiss/nboxtool.htm). The nBox-Tool both controls and powers the RF protocol analyzer over a USB interface. This modularity makes it possible for existing G3-ALLIANCE nBox-Tool devices to be upgraded to support G3-ALLIANCE Hybrid PLC&RF protocols concurrently.

G3-ALLIANCE RF’s protocol analysis follows the same principles as G3-ALLIANCE through seamless integration with Wireshark. All of the additional RF Information Elements (IEs), as listed in the G3-ALLIANCE Hybrid specifications are supported in the protocol analysis and enumerated in protocol-panel of Wireshark.

“Availability of protocol analyzers is a key component of a mature technology eco-system. With nBox-Tool’s G3-ALLIANCE RF extension, we believe we see accelerated adoption of this technology in new markets and applications” said Leon Vergeer, G3-ALLIANCE Alliance General Secretary.
“Offering G3-ALLIANCE RF protocol analysis on the same baseline maturity and easy usability of nBox-Tool not only further the product’s capabilities but also catalyze the marketplace for development of new products and solutions. We look forward to engage with various industry players on this exciting new extension” said Manu Sharma, CEO of Neuron.

About G3-ALLIANCE Hybrid

The G3-ALLIANCE Hybrid is the first industry hybrid standard offering extended capabilities for smart grid and IoT applications in one seamlessly managed network over both wired and wireless media. The hybrid protocol stack is built using open standards IEEE 802.15.4-2015 in addition to the existing G3-ALLIANCE protocol. Each device in the mesh network can use PLC as well as RF for the communication. Depending on the actual conditions in the field, messagesbetween two devices are sent over the ‘best’ available channel. The channel selection for each link in the network is done automatically and adjusted dynamically.
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