G3-Alliance Unveils New Certification Version: Enhancing G3-Hybrid PLC+RF Solutions Worldwide

Paris, France, October 5th, 2023. The G3-Alliance, a leading industry alliance dedicated to promoting G3 technology for smart metering, smart grids, and industrial applications, announces the release of its the eagerly awaited new certification version. This milestone marks a significant leap forward for the G3-Hybrid PLC+RF solution, offering a global, standardized, and resilient communication technology for the utility and DSO industry.

Certification is fundamental for Utilities and DSOs to realise interoperable, multi-vendor implementations. And that is the key to reducing supply chain risk and avoiding vendor lock-in. For manufacturers, certification is the way to assure their customers that products have the correct implementation of the standard, that they are interoperable and that they meet certain performance levels. The G3-Alliance’s commitment to a high-quality certification program addresses these critical needs.

The new certification version references the G3-Alliance’s March 2022 specification and brings crucial enhancements to the G3-Hybrid PLC+RF solution:

  • Frequency Hopping: This addition enhances the resilience of the hybrid solution in crowded RF spectrums, ensuring compliance with communication regulations.
  • Last Gasp: G3-Hybrid nodes now possess the capability to alert the head-end system immediately after a power outage, allowing for a quicker response from grid operators.
  • RF/PLC Media Switching Improvements: The switching mechanism has been fine-tuned for a smoother and more efficient transition between RF and PLC modes, optimizing overall performance.
  • Expanded RF Bands: In addition to the 860 MHz and 870 MHz RF bands, the certification now includes the 915 MHz and 920 MHz bands, offering even greater flexibility.

The G3-Hybrid PLC+RF solution is now a truly global standard, compliant with regulatory requirements worldwide. It empowers Utilities and DSOs to deploy interoperable solutions efficiently and effectively.

Testing for G3 Certification is performed by two esteemed test laboratories: LANPARK in France and TÜVRheinland in Japan. These accredited labs ensure that devices meet the highest standards of performance, interoperability, and compliance.

Members can access relevant documentation on the G3-Alliance website after logging in here.

Marc Delandre, President of G3-Alliance, emphasizes the significance of this certification release: “The G3-Alliance certification program has proven very successful. We have now certified almost 600 G3-PLC and G3-Hybrid devices. This new certification release covers key enhancements in the specification to provide interoperable hybrid solutions for DSOs globally.”

The G3-Alliance accredited certification labs are fully equipped to certify devices with this new release.

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G3-Alliance Unveils New Certification Version_ Expanding the G3-Hybrid PLC+RF Solution Worldwide