The coming weeks will see installation of next-generation load-control (LC) system in EKZ’s OrtsNetz project in Switzerland project. This new LC system uses G3-ALLIANCE communication between Gateways installed at transformer-stations and LC-devices installed at customer premises, to control endpoints like Heat Pumps, Boilers and Electric Vehicles. The g3-alliance.communication infrastructure is supplied by Neuron.

The LC-system functions concurrently with the existing G3-ALLIANCE enabled AMI rollout. The G3-ALLIANCE Coordinator (nBox-SG) at the transformer station multiplexes both Metering and Load Control traffic towards their respective backend-systems.

The LC-devices are managed through machine-learning algorithms developed by ETH researchers. This AI/ML logic is hosted in a software container within Neuron’s G3-ALLIANCE device and can take load switching decisions based on a variety of locally collected and remotely supplied information.

“We are excited to see this novel application of G3-ALLIANCE realizing multiple Smart Grid functions, namely Metering and Load Control, as has been done in this project by EKZ and Neuron. Efficient integration of renewable energies requires real-time control and I am sure this application will find additional adopters in various markets”said Leon Vergeer, General Secretary of G3-Alliance.

“Along the innovation spirit of EKZ, we endeavored with multiple firsts in OrtsNetz that required a reliable technology partner. From having a ML development framework inside a container running in an embedded device, to its seamless integration with DLMS and G3-ALLIANCE, Neuron has proved to be the correct choice”said Marina Gonzalez, Head of New Technology, EKZ.

“Participating in OrtsNetz helped us prove that G3-ALLIANCE Smart Metering infrastructure can be used for additional applications, we are very thankful to EKZ for that and looking forward to continued cooperation with both G3-ALLIANCE Alliance and EKZ.”said Mohamed Sedjai, Head of Product Management at Neuron.