Exciting news for the G3-Alliance! We are proud to announce the final version of the 2022 G3-Hybrid PLC+RF Dual-Mode Standard, which sets an important milestone for the communications industry. This industry-first dual-mode communication standard provides enhanced capabilities for smart grid and IoT applications in a seamless management network over two kinds of media.

We are pleased to report that the recent plugfests have demonstrated successful interoperability of the G3-Hybrid, including the frequency hopping solution, which was formulated with the assistance of Vertexcom Technologies Inc. Vertexcom is the only chip manufacturer in greater China who participated in the plugfest and is a contributor to the g3-alliance.communication specification.

We are thrilled to have Vertexcom as a key partner in this significant achievement, and we look forward to continuing to work together to advance the capabilities of smart grid and IoT applications. Congratulations to everyone involved in this important accomplishment!

To read the full press release from Vertexcom, click the following link:


Members of the G3-Alliance can download the specification from our website (please log in to g3-alliance.com before opening the link): https://g3-alliance.com/g3-alliance/specifications-user-guidelines-private/