We are excited to inform you that we now have an Attributes Configuration Tool available online for members of the Alliance. This tool is a user-friendly platform designed to simplify the configuration of G3-PLC and G3-Hybrid stacks, ensuring that the settings align seamlessly with our guidelines. It has been built based on the Attributes Usage Guideline which was developed earlier in the Technical Working Group of the G3-Alliance. The tool is accessible on the G3 website here

You need to log in to the G3 website. In case you do not have a login, send an email to generalsecretary@g3-alliance.com and we will create one for you.

In the next version of the tool, we will also include a download function so you can download the recommended values for the G3 attributes based on your specific input. We greatly appreciate your feedback! So please let us know your suggestions/remarks so we can take that into account in the next version of the tool.