Hybrid PLC+RF

Extended capabilities for the smart grid and IoT!

G3-Hybrid is the first industry hybrid standard offering extended capabilities for smart grid and IoT applications in one seamlessly managed network over both wired and wireless media.

Customers want the best of both worlds– so creating a single industry standard for hybrid networking is a significant step forward. This provides the capability for DSOs, product manufacturers and industry partners to apply/offer interoperable solutions, reducing the complexity and cost of network installations.

The hybrid protocol stack is built using open standards IEEE 802.15.4-2015 in addition to the existing G3-ALLIANCE protocol. Each device in the mesh network can use PLC as well as RF for the communication. Depending on the actual conditions in the field, messages between two devices are sent over the ‘best’ available channel. The channel selection for each link in the network is done automatically and adjusted dynamically. In many grids, none of the communication technologies can consistently realise connectivity >99% on their own. The hybrid solution maximises coverage & connectivity and avoids the very high cost of realizing the remaining 1% connectivity. This way, the hybrid profile can provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution for smart grids, smart cities and industrial applications.

The hybrid also opens up new use cases as it extends the connectivity of G3-ALLIANCE to RF-only devices. For example communication with In-Home Displays, keypads for prepaid solutions, environmental monitors, lighting controllers, industrial sensors and communication with water & gas meters.

The G3-Hybrid is fully compatible and interoperable with existing G3-ALLIANCE implementations, so it is possible to mix hybrid and non-hybrid nodes.

The G3-Hybrid is available for all PLC bandplans (CENELEC A/B, FCC and ARIB) and supports a wide range of ISM bands. Supported mechanisms include Frequency Hopping, Adaptive power control (APC) and Duty-cycle handling. The G3-Hybrid is a full-fledged RF solution with all mechanisms in place to meet regulatory requirements in any part of the world!

The G3-Alliance certification program includes hybrid PLC+RF and certified hybrid devices are available and listed among the certified devices on this website. Chipsets from 6 leading international manufacturers have already been certified. 


Regional regulations regarding G3-Hybrid

The whitepaper ‘Regional regulations regarding G3-Hybrid’ gathers all the studies performed by the Regional Advisory Working Group in the G3-Alliance. This document provides an overview of regional regulations globally which are relevant for the G3-Hybrid and how the different regions are supported by the hybrid specification.

The whitepaper is available for members of the G3-Alliance.


    EU Regulation using Notified Body for G3-Hybrid products

    In the European Union a G3-Hybrid PLC+RF product is classed as radio equipment and is controlled under the framework of the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU. Therefore, manufacturers and suppliers of these products on the EU market must prove compliance with this directive.

    Compliance is commonly proven by testing against harmonized standards like EN 300 220 or EN 303 204. However, for specific use cases a harmonized standard may not exist, so compliance needs to be confirmed by a Notified Body.  

    To support G3-Alliance members in this process, the Regulatory Advisory Group put together a document describing the role of the Notified Body, the technical documentation to be provided as well as Procedures and Methods for assessment by the Notified Body.

    The document is available for members of the G3-Alliance.

      Unified hybrid plc_r protocal stack
      Hybrid PLC RF mesh network
      Unified hybrid plc_r protocal stack