Working groups

Representatives from active members can join one or more of the working groups in the Alliance. Currently there are 4 Working Groups.

Technical Working Group (WS1)

Responsible for maintaining and continuously enhancing the G3-Hybrid and G3-ALLIANCE specifications. This working group also manages the relation with IT-U who publishes the G3-ALLIANCE standard and works with DLMS ua to manage the G3-ALLIANCE interface classes.
The technical working group is headed by Cedric Lavenu from EDF (

Marketing Working Group (WS2)

The marketing working group takes care of all the marketing activities for the Alliance. These include for example participating in conferences and exhibitions, publications, communication with the members and managing the website.
Anil Mengi heads the marketing working group (

Interoperability and Testing Working group (WS3)

This working group is responsible for managing the interoperability of G3 certified devices and developing the certification tests. This working groups also runs the interoperability plugfest for chip manufacturers who are new to G3-Technologies.
This group is headed by Alain Moreau from Trialog (


Regulatory Advisory Group (WS4)

This working group advises the Steering Committee and the other Working Groups about regulatory topics. This includes regulatory topics related to G3-Technologies in general, local regulatory requirements for specific RF bands/regions and local certification requirements. They coordinate activities of Alliance members and provide support regarding regulatory developments to members.
This group is headed by Klaus Hueske ( and Raphael Kerbrat ( 


For specific topics temporary Taskforces can be installed to manage a particular project. Participants in the working groups are then asked to join such a Taskforce.